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Change SQL Server 2005 Replication Agent Profiles

I was asked to adjust the latency of SQL Server Replication so that different latency lengths could be tested. 
So , I changed the log reader agent polling interval and here's how I did it. 
1.  Right Click on Replication in the SQL Server tree.
2. Left Click on Distributor Properties
3. Click on Profile Defaults in the bottom right.
4. Click on Log Reader Agents in the left nav. You should see the agent profiles appear in the right profiles pane.
 Click New in the bottom left. This should bring up a dialog to choose a template as the bases for your new agent profile.
5.  Edit the PollingInterval Parameter in the value field to the desired amount in seconds.
Give your new profile a name. 
6. Select your newly created profile as the agent profile. 
Hit Ok Ok, 
And that's it. 
Have fun.