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SQL Jobs for SSRS Subscriptions are made with a GUID as the name . Find the actual report.

The GUID within the Job is a nightmare, use the following query to find the guid for a SQL Server Reporting Server Report Subscription .

SELECT a.ScheduleID

, c.name

FROM ReportServer.dbo.ReportSchedule a

join ReportServer.dbo.Catalog c on c.ItemID = a.ReportID

where c.name = 'Report Name'


Of course there's always the option to open up these jobs copy the SQL and create your own scheduled task for running the Subscription. 

SSRS 2012 Chrome Incompatibility

The Problem: 
Chrome doesn't render the content for SSRS reports.
This is a known issue with the overflow:auto css style and the various way's it's rendered in different browsers.
The report HTML is actually in the page source

The Javascript Solution:
Use Javascript to change the overflow attribute of the rendering div. The div name does change depending on the version. My current report rendering div is ct131_ct109.
//Paste this at the bottom of your reportserver
function pageLoad() {
    var element = document.getElementById("ctl31_ctl09");
    if (element)
        element.style.overflow = "visible";         
 Navigate to ReportingServices.js on your report server and modify the Javascript file by adding the code snippet from above. Double check that your element id / div id is set correctly in the JS script.
Happy Reporting.