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Setting Up Eclipse for Python Development

Install Java: https://java.com/en/download/

Install Eclipse (Neon is the latest as of this post):  https://eclipse.org/downloads/

Install Python: https://www.python.org/downloads/


Startup Eclipse:
Accept the default workspace or create your own.
Get PyDev : Go to Help > Install New Software...

Click "Add...", enter "PyDev" for name
Enter the following location: http://pydev.org/updates.
Click Ok.

Check PyDev

Accept Agreement

Accept Certificate

Restart Eclipse

Setup the interpreter: go to eclipse preferences. 


Once in preferences: Open PyDev > Interpreters > Python Interpreters

 Select "New" > Enter a name (The name of your current python version). 
Add the path to the python executable. 

Select All Libs > click OK

Now that we have our interpreter setup, let's test all of this stuff. 

create a new project: File > New > PyDev Project

HelloWorld. Set the Grammar and the Interpreter > click finish.

Right click your project folder click New > File.

Filename: HelloWorld.py

You can set your default eclipse preferences when prompted. I uncheck everything. 

Add the following to your hello world file. 

print("Hello, World!")



Run the code:


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  • David

    9/22/2019 2:31:44 PM | Reply

    What benefits do you see using Eclipse over other IDEs as PyCharm or VS Code?

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