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SSRS 2012 Chrome Incompatibility

The Problem: 
Chrome doesn't render the content for SSRS reports.
This is a known issue with the overflow:auto css style and the various way's it's rendered in different browsers.
The report HTML is actually in the page source

The Javascript Solution:
Use Javascript to change the overflow attribute of the rendering div. The div name does change depending on the version. My current report rendering div is ct131_ct109.
//Paste this at the bottom of your reportserver
function pageLoad() {
    var element = document.getElementById("ctl31_ctl09");
    if (element)
        element.style.overflow = "visible";         
 Navigate to ReportingServices.js on your report server and modify the Javascript file by adding the code snippet from above. Double check that your element id / div id is set correctly in the JS script.
Happy Reporting.