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Python 3 Connection to SQL Server with PYPY

Download pypi and install it on your server with python.


Once the install is complete, run the following code. It will:
   1. create a table
   2. create a few inserts
   3. select the records 
   4. loop through and print the records


import pypyodbc
#connect to the database. 
conn = pypyodbc.connect(driver='{SQL Server}', server='myserver', database='mydb', uid='user', pwd='pass') 
cur = conn.cursor()

table_create = """
if not exists(select * from information_schema.tables where table_name = 'Hello_World') 
        Create Table Hello_World (id int identity, val varchar(32))
cur.execute(table_create) #create the table 
cur.execute("insert into hello_world values ('Hello'), ('to'), ('you'), ('too')") #insert some rows
cur.commit() #commit the above sql statements. 

cur.execute("select * from hello_world")
results = cur.fetchone() 

while results:
    print ("values :  id=" +  str(results[0]) + " and val='" + results["val"] + "'")
    results = cur.fetchone() 

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